Design Faster, Design Better


In this book, I share with you everything I've learned as a productive designer over the last 10 years.

From design concepts to productivity tips and advice, you'll learn everything you need to improve your designs and work more effectively.

The information is broken down in an easy-to-understand way and each section is accompanied by relevant imagery to give you an even clearer picture of what's being discussed.

You don’t need to be a designer to read and appreciate this information.

As a content creator, coder, or writer, knowing how to present your work in a visually appealing way is an invaluable way to build an engaged following.

If people like how your content looks, if it makes people stop scrolling for that split second to see your post, if it changes the way someone thinks about something, that’s half the battle.

If you want to learn more and download a free sample of the book before you buy, check out this link:

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